My name is Stamatis, Stam for short, and I brew delicious cold brew coffee in Brooklyn, NY. I was also born and raised in Brooklyn (see: authenticity) which means I was here before the hipsters were. That is probably all you care about at this moment, but if you ever care to read more….below is the story of how I got here…

The addiction to coffee all started when I was just a kid, with a spoonful of Häagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream…I know what you’re thinking, what does ice cream have to do with coffee? But that soft, creamy, velvety ice cream had a flavor unlike chocolate or vanilla. What I tasted for the first time that day….was the flavor of coffee, and my life was never the same again (Thank you Häagen-Dazs)…

Over the course of the next few years, I would sneak cups of coffee from the adults whenever I had the chance. Naturally, I aimed to replicate the Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavor, so “the black stuff” was mixed with absurd amounts of cream and sugar until it was an overly sweetened mug of warm milk with a the vague flavor and aroma of coffee. It took some time but I eventually discovered the delicate balance of sugar, coffee, and milk required to yield my sweet cup of “Häagen-Dazs liquid.” In retrospect, I also now understand why parents keep coffee away from kids….but that’s drifting too far off topic.

As I grew older and filled the shoes of a refined, ambitious, and caffeinated young teenager, I learned that there was more to coffee than milk, sugar, and my mom’s Mr. Coffee. After reading a short article in Esquire’s 2006 Big Black Book, I realized there was work to be done and more to be learned. Soon came the Moka pot, French press, Briki, and espresso machine; coffee had officially turned into hobby …Thank you Esquire!

Eventually, I read an article (Possibly GQ) about the mysterious “Cold Brew” and how only a few coffee shops were doing it at the time. I took note of the ones in NY – they were Gorilla Coffee and Gimme! Coffee – and made the trip to go and see what the “hype” (like there was any at the time) was all about. They provided my first taste of cold brew coffee and it turned my world upside down. I started brewing my own that weekend; and from then on, coffee went from tasty beverage to a passionate endeavor to brew liquid black gold with a dream of eventually sharing it with others (See: Web-address).

I guess you can say I am fashionably late to the cold brew party. I just want to thank the larger coffee shop brands for spending the time on building the consumer awareness around this magical stuff (cold brew). I also want to take a moment to thank coffee itself (yes, yes, you should too). It has kept me going during the darkest of all-nighters, it has kept me sharp and alert, it has kept me warm, and it has kept me cool, it has made Sunday mornings worth singing about and has added a depth of flavor to everything I’ve made with it. Hopefully now, after a long-standing commitment to it (and with a little bit of help from you) it will also pay some of my bills.