Stam’s Zero-Waste Mission

Americans drink billions of cups of coffee a year, which equates to millions of pounds of coffee grinds per year as a byproduct of every brewing process. While we can’t make coffee sans grind, we can certainly rethink what we do with the grinds after we are done using them to brew our magical stuff.

It is our mission and promise to do everything we can to re-purpose these coffee grinds and treat them as canvases for new projects rather than as waste for disposal. If we can discover ways to reuse these grinds, for whatever purpose, we can then share them with you, our loyal customers, and bring our operating cycle full circle.

Whether they are candles, soaps, or scrubs, we will concoct and create until we bring our “used” coffee grinds back to life again and give them their boost back; the boost that we so-gently extracted from them in the first place (sorry not sorry).

Stam’s brand revolves around the concept of “renew, reuse, and recycle.” Cold Brew Delivery as a Service (“CB.DaaS”) is something we use to differentiate ourselves, but the real reason we use fancy glass growlers is so that – together – we can save the planet by eliminating the need for waste. We also hopefully will get to know each other in the process 🙂


Stam & Co.