The Black Paradox

If the combination of caffeine and alcohol makes no logical sense, then why does it taste so darn good?! A little bit of booze to loosen the edge, some coffee to lighten the mood, and just a little bit of sugar to sweeten things up!! This is our signature cocktail, we can tell you about its earthy undertones and wonderful aroma, and the complexity of flavor swirling through it, or we can just give you the recipe and the confidence you need to make your second one even better! Think Red Bull-Vodka for the slightly more refined folk…

Glass: Rocks (5 oz. )
Ice: Yes
Tools: Muddle

Ice Cubes
2 oz. Stam’s Cold Brew
1 oz. Dark Rum
.5 oz. Banana Schnapps
4-6 Sprigs Fresh Sage
2 Dashes Stam’s Cocktail Bitters (Angostura Bitters are acceptable)
Splash Stam’s Complexly Simple Syrup
Splash Frangelico (Optional )


  1. In a rocks glass muddle sage, bitters, and simple syrup
  2. Add Ice (1.5″ cubes)
  3. Pour over Rum
  4. Add Stam’s Cold brew
  5. Stir
  6. Top off with Banana Schnapps
  7. Garnish with sprig of Sage

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