“Brewed and Raised in Brooklyn.”




My name is Stamatis, Stam for short, and I brew delicious cold brew coffee in Brooklyn, NY. I was also born and raised in Brooklyn (see: authenticity) which means I was here before the hipsters were. That is probably all you care about at this moment, but if you ever care to read more….below is the story of how I got here…

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Cold Brew is a slowly steeped coffee that is “brewed” at low temperature for a longer period of time. The absence of heat in the process is compensated by a much longer brewing time. This results in a more stable extraction of the compounds in the coffee bean and a much smoother cup of coffee. Cold brew is the magical result of patience and liquid proof that great things are worth the wait.


Let us try to answer your question with a question….The coffee bean comes from a berry… so why should it taste like mud? Many of the “bitter” flavors associated with coffee are a result of high temperature extraction. Thus, in order to eliminate the bitterness, you “cold brew” your coffee over the course of a longer period of time (Think hours and days versus seconds and minutes).

Cold brewing extracts all the good stuff (flavor, aroma, caffeine) and leaves all the bad stuff out (acidity, bitterness). It is well-balanced, fruity, and notably smooth. It can be thrown into a nicely crafted cocktail (recipes to come) and can be consumed iced (duh)  or warmed (if that’s your thing). One more thing (we like parenthesis…)…



The process is simple…Stam’s is a Cold Brew Coffee delivery service in  Brooklyn, NY that caters to seriously committed coffee lovers that want quality cold brew delivered to their door every week so they can just pour and go wherever their hearts take them.

What we do:

  1. Deliver a half gallon of Stam’s Cold Brew Coffee to you every weekend
  2. Take the empty growler off your hands

What you do:

  1. Pay a one-time refundable growler deposit of $20 plus $15 per weekly fill-up
  2. Enjoy really smooth and delicious coffee (or share it…maybe….never mind)

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Stam’s Cold Brew Delivery Service is currently ONLY available in BROOKLYN on WEEKENDS.

Please apply via the order page and we will reach out to you with more details regarding membership!

Growler filling can also be done every Sunday at the Grand Bazaar in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


We have 5 growlers left for 2018!


If you are in Brooklyn and interested in our delivery service, please let us know!

Our delivery zone for 2018 Season is below, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate requests for delivery outside of our delivery zone this year.